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Volume Zero

by Target For Tomorrow

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Target for Tomorrow's debut EP, home grown, home recorded.


released May 30, 2009

Engineered, mixed and produced by Aaron Broussard, Mastered by Erik Ames of SuperDigital, Album art by Evan Prochaska, Charley McGowan, and Aaron Broussard.

All music written and performed by Target for Tomorrow and the Horns of Destruction.




Target For Tomorrow Corvallis, Oregon

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Track Name: Now Boarding
Yeah I'm listening to the radio and all I hear is noise
As it seems that every single day, somebody finds another voice
To paint a pretty picture of, and plaster on the wall
The way they trample and sample the music like it don't matter at all
So when they find me skipping town, they really shouldn't be surprised
It's not like I'd stick around and wait for them to dawn their disguise
As all the sheep in their wolve's clothing come and circle the block
Just telling everyone they rock, and up and leading the flock

Again, I'm listening to the station and the sound is filled with noise
I'd like to think that in this day and age, we'd be given a choice
Of what the people want to hear, and think, and drink, and spew, and sell
Before they find themselves just sitting all alone again, as well
But we all know that it's just trivial, the money is the fist
And when they clench it all, they know they've all just told us how it is
When the creative say something new, they refuse to set them free
So, it's no wonder the money's scarce in the recording industry

Do you remember what it all meant when they meant all of what they said?
Before the greed became the good, before the fame got to their head
'Cause when the melodies come ringing through, they fail to make their mark
As every flame absent the spark just turns to ashes

That's right I'm packing my bags, I'm headed straight out that door
And I'll be right down the Five with my foot flat to the floor
As all the songs I've heard before just keep on spinning through my head
As my resolve is in the fact that creativity is dead
Because the message is simple, and it fails to disguise
That they've been bargained, and bartered, and played for fools for all of their lives
And know I know they're really saying something nobody's been playing as the voice goes over the intercom

Now boarding, at terminal six to the ska city
Now boarding, at terminal six to the city of ska
Now boarding, at terminal six to the great big city of ska
Now boarding, at terminal six, to the city of ska
Track Name: What Else
Victim of reality, suddenly he starts to see
The way the world revolving doesn't even blink an eye
And though he doesn't break his stride, secretly he hides his mind
The fog around his glasses makes a damn familiar sight

Embracing the chills of the cold, the rush of never feeling old
Wishing the myth of free will was more than just a dream
And running now, his pace is fast, not looking back, he hates his past
He's running from the gunshot wounds, he's running from the guilt

I always try to live each day,
But the emptiness does not fade away
I never want to ever feel as ruined as my memories

Such a victim of humanity, not to question what sees
The child in the photograph so young and so naive
And in the mirror, greying hair, the truth that's much too hard to bear
But still the words that echo dream to fall on his deaf ears
But what else could he hope to know?

So tell me, do you believe it, tell me you've seen it, tell me whatever you want
But don't you deny it, though you have tried it, slipping away now is tough
And when you're away, and killing the day, remember to ask yourself, son,
Do you fight for our future, or do you fight for yourself?
Track Name: Need Your Goodnight
When naivete delivered, I know I was unafraid
Slipping silently inside your warm protection
But horizon gives rise to day, static to take it all away
And lucidity to recognize only the lies in your disguise

Put down my foot, I draw the line
Leave the lights on, I'm realigned
Keeping my eyes open, I'll be damned if i lose myself again

Oh, and now I'm scratching at an itch, and I'm looking around
And now you're asking me again, did I hear that sound?
And I swear I never wanted to be less than alive,
But lately everything's been seeming just a little less right

My closing eyes can't see the change when sun is set and all is strange
Familiar refuge, I retire my command
And if I should wake to wake again, please let me know if I pretend
Blind eyes to turn when you deceive, I'm only yearning to believe
Track Name: The Kings
Just another grey old man, wandering around public lands
Never did I think his words would get through my head
He came to me late last night, a funny glow in his eye,
He spoke to me and he told me of the story of his life

Listen to what he said

'When salvation comes is does not choose a side
The ticket to hell is an unfinished ride
Don't let the man make up your mind
Never get lost in reality's spin of time'

Reality, insanity, I'll take my thoughts into the grave

It's been a whole day, but I don't understand what he meant
Yet, I had a dream of the pictures he described
The kings and pawns of life and death,
The judges and the judged of men
The only ones that matter come from deep inside the head

Pictures inside my head

Reality, insanity, I'll take my thoughts into the grave

I wanted to be someone who believes all they see
I wanted to live in the dream, not the greed
I guess what I've learned didn't come from anyone else
I've learned what it means to say 'me'

When salvation comes it does not choose a side
The ticket to hell is an unfinished ride
Don't let the man make up your mind
Never get lost in reality's spin of time

Reality, insanity, I'll take my thoughts into the grave